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22.12 A legal labyrinth

01 Dec 2022 01:32 PM By We Live Here - Comment(s)
Navigating the legislative changes affecting owners corporations over the past four years is quite a challenge. We offer this thread to help you through the maze:

22.11 State election the short answers

01 Nov 2022 01:30 PM By We Live Here - Comment(s)
Last month in this column we asked the question of the major parties competing at the forthcoming state election – what are your party’s policies on short-stays?

22.10 Cash to ditch short stays!

01 Oct 2022 02:10 AM By We Live Here - Comment(s)
A city in Arizona, USA is implementing an innovative plan to enhance housing availability for locals.

22.09 Tourism sector calls for short-stay day limit

01 Sep 2022 02:09 AM By We Live Here - Comment(s)
Tourism industry groups want Victoria to follow other states, including NSW, and impose a limit on the number of days per year that properties can be let as short stays.

22.08 New report: its curtains for some owners

01 Aug 2022 02:08 AM By We Live Here - Comment(s)
Another major fire risk has been uncovered in Melbourne - curtain walls containing flammable ACP.